The Light

Ever sit and wonder why life takes you to the unknown destinations.  Why with every step your mind still wonders even though you may see the picture clearly.  I often wondered, I often cried, I often questioned what is the unknown.  I often seeked the answers that only with deep concentration you will find right inside yourself.  The unknown is only unknown because we have not given life to it.  I am not talking about the things we don’t know about – I am talking about the things that we want for our own life yet still we try to figure out why it has not happened as yet.  Focus is the hardest thing in every day life.  The determination to go against all odds and do something you truly believe in.  Fear stands like a wall in front of you – wasting the years away – until we find ourselves in a rut that we can never find ourselves out of.  The quality of our thoughts are based on only the things we want and not the things that may help a fellow human being – despite colour, creed or race.  I realize a long time ago when my world was shattered and I was left with nothing but courage and hope of a brighter day that the only thing that stops you from creating is you.  I still sit and wonder why haven’t I gotten what I want as yet, but the answer to that is always – the bigger plan will unfold in time.  I have no patience to wait, but yet still I survive it – how?  With the faith that you seem to find somewhere when things are going all wrong.  We all learn different lessons at different times and what we don’t realize is that life will push us through it over and over again until we learn it.  We find ourselves in similar relationships with people that we try to get away from because we did not learn from the last one.  And then we ask ourselves – why do I attract this type of people in my life?  Stop learning the same lesson and find it within yourself to change that which you know you can change. I look around and even though the ones that find themselves in the religious places are the ones that do not follow the simple teachings in life – why is this?  We try to stop ourselves so many times from making the mistakes – we are going to make it – no one is perfect but in times of depression – look  inside and find that light – that Noor.  Find the light that shines within and you will see that you are an amazing person.  When the dirt is thrown at your back – shake it off and step up.  No one has the right to tell you – who you are or what you can do.  At the poorest time of my life believe it or not I was the richest.  I found something at that time that was unexplainable – I found myself – in the horrors of facing a life with nothing – I found peace and with every step – there were hands holding mines – they didn’t let me fall.  They still don’t.

4 thoughts on “The Light

  1. Nicely put Rasheeda. It is not easy to understand that when we are in the darkest hours of our lives, that we kind conjure up so much Light. The key is self-realization and then applying this knowledge to our daily lives. Once we get a true glimpse and understanding of this Lighted Way, we may never return to darkness. The difficulty is that those who find this Light, are often ridiculed by the majority and continuously challenged to step off the Path of Light.Stay the course…

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