I wrote this line not to long ago — Sometimes courage is what it takes to stand up and talk and sometimes its what it takes to sit down and listen.  Some say strength is in numbers – although this may be true – strength to me is indomitable will.  The strength to go on when all else fails – the will that is not easily discouraged.  We can grasp all the energy we like from everything around us but its our inner strength that gives us the drive to make the difference.   When we see our children crying – where does the mother get that inner strength from to find a way to dry those tears and put a smile on her childs face.  We watch our parents grow old and we bear the pain of seeing them in a capacity maybe us to will find ourselves in one day  – yet still we miss the lesson.  I have considered  certain people  a pillar of strength for me because as I look at their lives the strength I gain in the knowledge of their yesterday is the strength I need for the guidance of my tomorrow.  When I think about true strength my mind goes off to the mothers – the ones that love UNCONDITIONALLY.  I remember not to long ago – I called my mom and I said to her “Mom there is a house not far from me I want to buy – gosh I wish I had the money for it”  she asked  – how much is it – I told her the cost – she did not say anything – we spoke about other things and I ended the conversation.  The next day I called and she was sounding very sad – I asked – what is wrong ?  she was in tears – her exact words were –“ I have nothing to give you so you can buy the house – I don’t have any money to give you – I wish I did” – I kept silent – as I realized even in my dreams of tomorrow – its still a part of her dream to make it happen – as big as I am – the unconditional love is always there.  This to me is the strength we rely on – the memories live in our minds and project a foundation that we grow on. 

We often wonder where we will find the strength to do what we need to  – its found in sooo many places – the tears of our parents,  the touch of a hand,  the smile of a newborn, the crashing sound of the waves,  the stars in the sky,  the sunsets, the sunrise,  a postcard, a hug, the warmth of an angel, a childs smile, the loss of a loved one but most of all the strongest of it all is found within.  Find the inner strength within you and touch the world.  Whatever life throws at you – find the strength to keep calm and bring forth the beauty of yourself – smile – lift your head up and look around you – u will realize that your strength is as radiant as you are. 


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