Lessons at a Funeral

Today I heard the pundit say : When you die – two things people can say – “its good he is gone” or they can say – “A good one has gone”.  He said the way we live our lives will determine which one it is.  Every person in life makes mistakes – big and small – every single person when they are making these mistakes know the difference between right and wrong however u still make it – maybe because of selfishness etc.    These things are all fine as we know that we all make mistakes however what is sad is when others want to see those mistakes happen to you.  When others go out of their way to make sure that you are hurt or in pain.  Sad isn’t it???? I know others have a perception of things and they also have stories of how things were told to them – but they never take the time to sit with you and find out – hey what really happened here – hear you and maybe give the advice needed to help you – Instead they smile – they kiss you, they talk to you really sweetly but they choose sides because whoever told them something is closer to them than you are – amazing.  So they live their life with a perception – the perception of all the things you did wrong – and all the things u continue to do wrong. 

I heard someone say once – forgive your enemies – but never ever forget their names .  Mistakes are there to be made – trial and error – to help each one of us reach to the point that when you die as the pundit said – It’s a good one has gone.  Some of us may be late in learning but why choose to redicule and make sure that someone and the whole world knows the mistakes others make?  I see it in families among your own and instead of help they cause hindrances.   Sad but true. 

  • You choose the people in your space – and what I have learnt is you smile with everyone – u will know the ones that smile with you and not really concerned with your life and you will also know the ones that will be there to help you.  The ones that take a roll in just saying “ Hey – are you ok ?  what happen? Can I be of any help to you ?  The ones that never ask anything because they choose to take sides is the same kind of people to the ones that told them in the first place and they do belong together .  This is just mirrors of yourself.  So when someone wants to see ill for you smile – and say You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may Kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air–I’ll rise.

Remember you are loved by someone in this world and unconditionally by the being above.  If someone judges you by the things they hear then its great they live perfect lives and its wonderful they never made mistakes and it even better that the future is in their grasp that these things will NEVER happen to them.  When you choose to bring down someones character whether its true or not what you are really doing is showing up your own. 

So in the funeral today – we let go of the flesh but never the memories – and this my friends are what you create everyday for someone else.  Let the memories you create for others be good ones.. 

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