The word a lot of people use quite often.  How many times are you down in a rut – feeling all miserable cause your  life is turning upside down and someone looks at you and say – don’t worry just have faith and things will work out.  Of course all you really want to do is knock this person over with a brick because how can they truly understand what you are feeling.  I have realized that we have faith in a lot of things – God, family, friends, our kids and even in ourselves but do we really have it?  At times I think we do – and sometimes it no where to be found.  We often stereotype others – we look at them go to church, mosque the temples and we say to ourselves – wow they must have a lot of faith and nothing can really shake that.

I remember a lesson I learnt when I visited Makkah for the hajj – there were probably hundreds of thousands of people at a time there and I was making my way out of the mosque, I saw this man on a wheelchair trying to get to the barrels of water – the barrels were a bit low for him to reach so I went across to him and asked him if he needed help – he said yes – so I filled the cup and the bottle for him.  On doing so I realized that he was all alone with no one to help him – I asked are you here alone – he said yes – I said – there are sooo many people here how do you move around all by yourself – his answer was – I come here every year – by myself and I have no doubt that God will take care of me – I wanted to drink water and He sent you to fill my cup.  Faith????  The unquestionable kind.

What I saw that day was someone regardless of religion found something that we all strive for.  Some have it already and some still trying to reach to that level.  When we realize that God provides, he takes care of us no matter what – we feel that sense of peace within ourselves that is without fear.  We have to be kind to MANKIND .  This man on the wheelchair taught me something that day because I was there and complaining about what kind of room we got and when are we going to get a proper plate of food and here it is sooo many of them with a lot less and the faith was unquestionable.  I remember him putting his hand on my head and he said – God bless you and when you return to your home land – everything will be clear to you.  I watched this man wheel himself away as if he was some kind of Angel coming to give me a message – in my heart that is who I think he was.

Its not about who we pray to – what car we drive or even how much wealth we have – when we come down to earth and realize that everyone that comes into our path is an opportunity – maybe to make a difference, maybe just to help, maybe just to smile we would realize that faith does not lie in the answers to your questions but it lies in the heart of knowing that the existence from Above will be there always.

Always BELIEVE , be greatful for the wonderful things around you and  everyday as you wake you would realize that your faith have become unquestionable.

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