Be free to be YOU

Ever had someone in your life make you feel wrong about yourself – wrong about the decisions you make, wrong for loving them too much, wrong for doing your hair – making yourself look nice,  wrong for caring, wrong for putting your life on hold just because you choose them??  Its all over the world – u feel so stifled because you are not sure if your next decision is going to be the right one – u walk on egg shells thinking “oh is he/she going to like this? “ . 

STOP NOW,  your decisions for all the above is NOT wrong – it’s the choices you make to be kind to someone else.  If you realize that a relationship is making you feel this way – let go of the negatives as later down you will find yourself hating yourself for it.  I always believe – change your thoughts – change your life — don’t give people like this a second thought – they are there only as our teachers to bring us to the best of who you can be.

Sometimes when you sit down and wonder  how many years you wasted being unhappy – u feel worse as you did nothing about it.  Happiness is a state of mind and does not lie in the hands of someone else. Never underestimate the potential to be free, free to be yourself, free to give , care, love and touch every single soul that you come in contact with – even if its with a smile, a touch or maybe just some words of inspiration.

I always like to give a story —  I remember one of my friends giving me a story of her life – she gave up doing photography to marry the man of her dreams as he did not want her to work.  She will do her hair and it’s a problem – she will do things for him and she will be told that she is caring too much.  For years she resented the fact she gave up her dream to be someone he wanted her to be.  Is it worth it?  It never is,  nothing is wrong with her choice as she did something she wanted to do at the time, however, the difference is he made her feel wrong about it.  If the appreciation, love care and assistance was there she would have looked at him everyday with a smile on her face and say – I love him – he is worth it – wow what an amazing feeling. 

Its hard to know if someone is worth it or not – u have to go through the trials and tribulations – but one thing I learnt is that – never allow someone to make you feel less of yourself.  Never allow them to take away your right to be free – to make your own choices and to co exist in the environment that is pleasing to all involved.  Don’t let anyone steal your right to smile. 

You have a RIGHT to be happy – make it happen.


5 thoughts on “Be free to be YOU

  1. Rasheeda one word briefly – speechless !i congratulate you and expecting to keep going on ur articles.because Conscious is important and u re the source spreading this out very well.i ve been delighted while i was reading ur article.thank u very much !bora 😉 🙂

  2. I love this too and it truely has alot to do wit hhow I am everyday!! I have had walls built up around me for many years, but slowly they are coming down. I am physicalyy male and look and sound like a man but have always wanted to be a woman. Most of my friends are women because I relate better to women than men. I would like to do things better with my life ( play gold again, play guitar again, go to school and be a Beautician and I think photograghy would be a great hobby for me ) I have let fear run my life for so many years. Of course right now lack of money has a big part in it but I still have these dreams. I have faith that some of them at least will happen. 🙂

  3. My friend — always try to do the best you can do — I have let fear run my life also but slowly we come out of it — keep spreading your positive words and you will get to where you want to be 🙂

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