Dream On

Sometimes the more you read … the more questions you have.. ever had that feeling?  You find yourself asking “what if” and “how can this be so” or the famous “This cannot be right.. I was not taught this”.  Well its true isn’t it?  We believe what we were taught most of the time.. not what we hold inside as truth.  Many of the times we ignore that feeling and just go by what we were brought up believing and more so what the “community” would like to see of us.

I have been reading a lot lately and questions do arise… One of the things I read was “this is all a dream”  then we awake our true reality.  Is it all a dream?  are we dreaming ourselves into what we call our reality.  Is it like sleeping in your bed and you find yourself in a dream state and you travel to different places but you are still safe in your bed ?  Food for thought isn’t it?  Whatever it is we have to let go and just be.  Practising forgiveness in its true sense helps us to reach to that state of enlightenment where we can know who we truly are.  Following ego is not the answer.

We are attached to this life as one told me recently so we do have to take our tablets, eat, sleep etc.  Whether a dream or not we are here as we have put ourselves here by projection of thoughts.  What we project is what we see in the world. When we forgive someone else are we forgiving ourselves?  as we are all One ?  Being in a state of questioning helps us sometimes and sometimes not.   Living in disharmony does not bring wisdom.. only living in peace does.  Following that which God created for us. 

We are in this life pondering who is right .. who is wrong.. what way is the right way.. saying which way is wrong.. but does it make any sense?  People follow that which holds dear to them in the end… either that which they were brought up believing or following that voice within.  Whichever is your path… walk it with passion and forgiveness.

Lets dream our reality back to that which we are … Unconditional loving souls.. not separated from God.  Stop the guilt we hold on to within… the guilt that sends us to think that we are forever going to be punished by a loving God.  When I think of him I can think of nothing by unconditional love .. I feel it in my being.  Feel that and dream your way back to him :)

As the saying goes …. “Dream On”






If I can turn back time

Its been a while for me since I wrote but I am sure everything is in its own timing.   I have heard this line quite a few times lately :If only I can turn back time”.  It sure comes to mind with some of the experiences or “mistakes” we have made in our lives. We would like to just go back and change it all.   We want to go back and do the “right” thing.  We would like to somehow erase that which makes us feel ashamed,  erase the guilt somehow … find a way to take away some of the pain you may have caused others, or even some of the pain others have caused you, if you had just made the “right” choice.  If you had just noticed the sign maybe you would not have found yourself in an abusive relationship or if you had just listen to your intuition, maybe just maybe, you could have avoided all the things that you are going through now. 

How many times do we beat up on ourselves just sitting and reliving that which we feel bad about,… that which we feel guilty about… that which we no longer have any control over.  We sometimes go so far in reliving this that we constantly feel all the emotions over and over again even though it happened so long ago.  We hold on to that which we have no control over and we constantly live in regret. 

Turning back time is not an option but letting go is.  When we can adapt to the saying “there is good in all that IS”  then we can understand that everything that transpires are just building blocks to our overall growth.  If we don’t see the lessons that every situation is here to teach us then we cannot move forward and we will constantly be stuck in the time zone we place ourselves in.  We will continue to live in the past and we lose sight of the present. 

The present moment is all we ever have.  Not the future or the past.  I heard a saying from Jim Carrey recently… he said ..  “You cannot contain the container”.. and so rightly said… You are the container… You are the one that holds the power to change.. to grow.  The universe is contained within you … Dream your reality and bring it forth..

Let go of that which brings you regret or guilt — it does not exist..  Let go of that which brings you pain… it does not exist.  Live that power you have within to transform into anything you set your mind to.. We all have things we live with but the secret is to understand that those things are no longer here… We feel the pain of it from time to time but when we change our perspective we can smile instead.  Feel that your life is magnificent and we can and would eventually reach that state of pure bliss.. Seeing the universe in that light.  We are not what we see in the world … we are much more than that. 

Don’t turn back time my friends … instead use the present moment to choose happiness.. use the present moment to be the soul you came here to be — magnificent and powerful :)



Soul Connections

Soul connections… how do we understand it all ?  Is it past lives that have us feeling so close to people we meet?  Or is it the vibrations and energies that people send out that draw us to them ?  Im sure each one of us from time to time meet people and we cannot understand why we feel so strongly for them .. we get confused sometimes thinking its infatuation or maybe love.. we sit and question why we feel this way. 

With soul connections there are no answers but mostly feelings.  We draw people to us by what we search for .. We draw others to our energy because they are of like mind and we sometimes need to learn the lessons that have the greatest impact on us.

Some of us deny ourselves.. we think mostly about others and their judgements on us and we never follow through with what we feel within.  We sometimes come across people connected to their lives but is in daily search of that which fulfills them.  What is the soul searching for really?  Is it love? Passion?  Understaning ?  The soul knows what it wants and needs always.   But we carry our world within.. We need not search .. everything is there. 

Guilt .. the emotion that rips us apart sometimes.  I see many people stay in marriages they are not happy with.. abusive relationships and many other reasons that have their energy depleting daily as fear stops them from being true to themselves.   We do have to respect ourselves as much as we do others.  We run from others because we fear losing.. we even fear loving.. we fear judgments but most of all that fear puts us in a cage. 

Ever heard the saying “the grass is never greener on the other side?” im sure you have.. is it really a matter of the grass being greener?  When we really sit and think about what we portray .. what we put out there that attracts things and people to us we would realize that its not really about the grass but in essense how much thought and focus goes into what we hide within that we search for.  Then when we search and find .. fear steps in ..fear about rejection.. fear that things wont last .. fear of being hurt all over again… we then send those vibrations out and attract the things we fear most.. When things don’t work out then we go back to the saying making it true .. but we never take into consideration that which we focus on that creates our lives. 

These connections come at critical points in our lives and once we can let go and see the lessons it is here to teach us the better we can understand and grow from it.. There are times that the pain within is excruciating as we try to tear ourselves away and hurt because of it.  Be true to who you are… its not really about anyone or anything else.. Stand up .. say YOUR truth and trust that these people are here to fulfill a purpose in your life as you are in theirs.

In God’s Timing

About 3 weeks ago my sister suffered a very bad stroke.. she is not able to talk or walk, and the patience that I needed to have to trust and believe, was at its end.  So many things was happening all at once, after all it was a traumatic year, having lost my mother in law to murder in February.  I questioned so many things as to why all this is taking place .. when is it going to end?.  I was still healing from the physical manifestation of my traumatic experience and now this is happening

To top things off .. the day my sister was being discharged from the hospital I was in the ward and I needed to get a bag from my car.  Walking towards my car I noticed two women and the security guard standing by my vehicle.. what happened was unbelieveable.. The woman reversed on my car … I stood there in amazement as I was awaiting the ambulance to come and I had not eaten or anything for the day .. My patience just ran out… all I wanted to do was cry.  When I looked closely though at the woman who hit my car she was shaking .. her mother was apologetic but she as well was just shaking.  Her mother said to me..”please forgive her .. we just got some bad news about her dad and we are here to see him”.  I saw tears in her eyes .. even though she was a bit irate at first .. her tears spoke a totally different language. 

I put my hand on her shoulders and said … “we will have this fixed but for now go see your father.. my sister is also at the hospital .. their health is what is important right now”.  She called me the next morning and accepted liability and started to talk to me about all that can be done for her dad, as it turns out her father and my sister both suffered a stroke. She did not have any idea about all the things she could have done to help him as the doctors was not giving any information.  I went to see her dad that Sunday and saw her at his bedside still with tears in her eyes.. I realized why she hit my car.. She was the caregiver for both her mom and dad.  She needed comfort … help.. compassion.. understanding .. the following days we kept in contact and we became friends.  Unfortunately her dad passed on but her voice was a lot stronger. 

Another situation happened with my sister in the past couple days, she pulled out the NG tube from her nose that fed her.  This was late one night and I did not leave the hospital till 3.30 am the following morning.  I just wanted the tube back in and I was being told that because she has complications the tube could not easily go back in.  The doctors tried and tried that morning and upon going to see her at lunch time – it was still unsuccessful.. I came home sat on my bed and cried – called out to the Supreme and I called in all my Angels and I asked to take this away.  I was on facebook talking to one of my friends about what happened and he said to me … “Trust in GODS timing”  this made all the difference to me. 

I let it go .. when visiting at 4.00 that day ..upon walking up the stairs I saw feathers on the staircase.. I knew in my heart something good was happening.. upon seeing my sister – the tube was back in and I could have taken her home.  

We often lose patience.. we often question why things happen.. especially the bad things.. we often lose faith in everyone and everything when we are at our end… but in that very moment when you feel you are going to give up … something magical happens… someone .. something … a song with a message … feathers on the staircase… all these signs… then magically your strength returns .. u begin to believe again.  This my friends is the power of Trusting … not only in your ability to ride through the storm but in your faith to believe in his timing.  We are never alone … Trust in the Magic

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Why are we here ?? Why did we choose to be here ?  So many theories .. so many paths.. but some fight on which one is correct.   Something that has plagued this life for centuries.  And till now the fanatics try to find a way to pollute our being by their perception of life.

The world is a product of our thoughts and actions.. as Michael Jackson rightly put it across in music.. Man in the Mirror.. it starts with us.  So many things we enjoy in this life .. Music for one .. written by beautiful souls and sung in a way that plays with your soul.. We enjoy this .. we don’t think about who wrote it .. what religion they follow but we see the beauty in all and allow it as part of our world.

Why cant we do the same for all other things ?  This blessed month of Ramadan is upon us and when this month arrives I cannot help but think more of my dad.  He followed Hinduism and me Islam.  However in his humbleness he will sit with us .. he didn’t have a topie (headwear) so he will put a kerchief on his head as a sign of respect .. to share with us.  To feel the beauty we all felt in this month. 

If I were to ask my dad now .. why couldn’t you have been a muslim like us .. I know what his answer would be.. His answer would be … If I was muslim you would not have learnt the lesson of togetherness regardless of religion.  I know this would be the answer because I asked this a long time ago.. but today I have the answer.

This life is plagued with so many diseases .. so many reasons why we should not do something but we don’t see the one reason why we should.  Unconditional love for all beings.  Stepping out of the comfort zone we all find ourselves in is a tough task .. it takes strength to fight against the learnt gurus of the world who breaks you down with knowledge .  But what is within can never lie.. what you feel inside is what your path is .. we can sit and listen to all the music we want but what resonates with you will always have an emotional effect on your soul.. You will FEEL it .

In this blessed month of Ramadan .. I extend my heart .. a humble extention of all that I am to the all that you are … We are ONE.  To my father who have succeeded in the lesson he taught me in this union of souls I sincerely mean it when I say that … You are my Angel .. Your humbleness have shown me the way to live with my beautiful friends and family and for this I am grateful.

I ask that each one of you reading this to find the peacefulness of this message and hope as the man in the mirror,  we start with the same humbleness to all the beings we are in connection with . 

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Transcending Fear

Ever heard the saying – “all you need to fear is fear itself?”  I looked at a movie recently and one of the most prominent lines were “Danger is real, but Fear is a choice”.    We even fear things that have not happened yet or may never happen.  We focus our thoughts more on our fears than anything else.  We constantly hold all these fears in the different organs of our body and as we go through life we keep those fears most prominent, living everday with that being the focus. 

Ever had someone tell you that you are looking really stressed and drained… for me that’s another word for looking “old”.   When we bring our fears to the forefront of our lives and we are constantly worrying, we help the wrinkles to form, we help the youthful look to leave our bodies.. we stop giving our temple called the body the nutrients it needs to bring us to the light that we truly are.

We all have fears – it can be from being afraid of an animal or even goes way deeper of not being accepted by society, friends etc.  As we live with these fears day to day it brings about and attracts that which we fear.  When we let go of all these fears then it transforms our body and our mind to that which we ARE,  to what we our true blueprint is.

My teacher told me in my last class a technique to help in releasing fears and I wanted to share it with all of you J.  Its quick and very simple.

Picture yourself standing in front of you

Take the fear from inside of yourself and put it in the clone of yourself

When you have done this – walk yourself outside in the sunlight and watch your clone disappear


Please remember to always ground yourself and do your breathing before and after any healing.

 Do this for each one of your fears – it will take some time but as you release and let go,  it will definitely leave you feeling lighter as the days go by. 

 We have been for too long walking around carrying the baggage that have hurt us for many years.  Remember your childhood?  That innocent child that walked around without a care in the world.  The child that played, danced, sang and many other things that we find so hard to do now.  The fears keep us from living.  Its time we transcend these fears , its time NOW to reclaim all that we ARE. 

 We have the power within to transcend all we need to – take charge of your life, take charge of your creative power, take charge of the ability you KNOW you have and watch every cell in your body work together with you to achieve this.  Your body is MIRACULOUS – allow the miracles to transform you. 

Time to Heal

Life sometimes need to bring us to our knees in order to break through all that have been stored within for a long long time. 

I didn’t realize till lately how much damage we can give to our bodies after burying things inside and not dealing with it.  I didn’t realize that even though something is out of our mind, does not mean its not still lingering somewhere in our subconscious just waiting to be released.  I surely didn’t realize how remarkable our bodies really are,  it does all it needs to for as long as it can, to protect us from all that needs protecting.

Healing crisis are necessary for us to really heal… covering up the symptoms only bring us to something even worse in years to come.  I am a firm believer in mind, body and soul.  As I explore I see more and more articles that relate to the mind and illness of the body.  We are coming closer and closer to making that link that would help us to release all that we need to so that we can really cure ourselves.

Relaxation helps us heal – laughter is the best medicine.  I sometimes see and feel the fear in others that have been told about a serious illness that they are facing.  Fear in itself is the recipe for disaster when facing these issues.  Even though our doctors want what is best for us I truly believe some lack diplomacy in how they relay news to the patients.  Fear is one of the most life threatening emotion that we carry within ourselves.  This attacks our nervous system and our immune system starts shutting down. 

Our bodies can heal … given the right nutrients .. rest … support … and unconditional love there is no doubt that we are able to release all that we need to so that we can further bring total healing to ourselves.  I was on 3 courses  of antibiotics in 6 weeks  which reaped havoc on my tissues and reversing this is going to take a long time.  Miraculously in searching and asking for guidance I was led to the things that have helped me tremendously.   Yes I go through healing crisis at different times but when I look back to where I was, to where I am now, I feel intense gratitude.

Isnt it amazing how these experiences can bring you closer to your higher self.. preserving the purity within and most of all following and feeling all that your body is telling you?   When you find yourself in a position where your health is giving you a challenge and you try to figure out why this is happening, think back to all the years that you have held things in.. you have stored that anger, hate, jealousy and most of all fears .  Know that its time to heal from all and its time to release so that you can return to the state we are all meant to be … the state of pure love. 

Be gentle with yourself and have that intimate relationship with who you are, when you do this our bodies will miraculously project that state. 

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